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A Game Full of Challenges: Short Life 2

Play NowA Game Full of Challenges: Short Life 2

Short Life 2 is an action game that will make you hold your breath while playing! The game has very quality graphics and easy instructions. It is not a complicated game however it requires a lot of attention and good use of controls. Your aim is to reach the finish line at every level. There are currently 20 levels in the game. Each level is a bit harder than the last. Your other aim is to collect stars in the game. How many stars you collect, determines how successful you are at a certain level. You reach the finish lines with the help of the characters in the game.

How To Play Short Life 2?

As we have mentioned before, the game has great graphics, and this makes it a very practical, easy-to-understand game.

  • On the beginning screen, you will see a character, the name of the game, and three tabs (Options, How to, and Play) to choose. On the “Options” tab, you have the option of turning off the music and the game sounds. These sounds make the game a lot more fun, however, if you do not want them, you can just simply turn them off. On the “How To” tab, you can see and learn the controls of the game. You can use the arrow keys or “W, A, S, D” to play the game. You can go to the right and left using the right and left arrow keys while you can jump and crunch using the W or Up Arrow and S or Down Arrow respectively. When you click on the “Play” tab, you will see the levels of the game.

  • If you have played the game before, you can see the levels you have completed and the stars you have collected. You can also see your total score and the total amount of stars above.

  • From the “Hero” tab here, you can choose different characters to play with. Each character requires a certain number of stars from you. After you choose your character, you can click on the level you wish to play or replay and start the game.

  • When you start, you will see your character in the beginning of the path you need to complete. You will have many obstacles on the way, and you need to be very careful about them. There will be sharp objects that you need to stay away from or pits that you should avoid falling into.

  • To overcome these obstacles, you need to jump or crunch where it is necessary. If you come into contact with these obstacles, you need to restart the level as they are dangerous obstacles and kill your character. Sometimes they just hurt your character, resulting in the loss of legs. In such a case your character loses its ability to jump which can be a very bad disadvantage.

  • If you fail, you can either return to the main menu or restart the level right away. If you complete the level, you can skip to the next one or replay the same level to get a higher score.