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Falling Ball Online Game

Play NowFalling Ball Online Game

In this game, your ball will travel over both short and long slopes. Enjoy the retro graphics as you try to prevent it from rolling off the edge into a bottomless abyss.

There are also loads of gems to collect along the way, and even cooler balls to buy between levels. See what happens when you start rolling on challenging tracks with many more features in this skill game!

More About The Game

Falling Ball is a popular game. Will you manage to get your ball to the end of each exciting level? Make sure to collect tons of gems every time you travel through these huge cliffs. You can use these to buy other balls.

While playing the Falling Ball game, you perform the ball rolling process by clicking the arrow keys on computers, and by clicking your finger on the right and left sides of the screen on mobile phones and mobile tablets. The track consists of a blue road. Sometimes the road widens and sometimes it narrows.

How to Play Falling Ball?

To move the ball, simply move the mouse left and right. By passing the levels, you collect a lot of diamonds, which are the currency in his store. If you're good on the track, you can also unlock the next new ball. Different accelerators, trampolines, jumps and obstacles will be installed on the track. Cross the dangerous parts of the course and try not to fall or crash, otherwise your ball will break.

As it progresses, it can take the form of a flight of stairs or even a steep ramp. Fixed or mobile white boxes of different sizes are placed on the track. If you crash into boxes or go off the road and fall off a cliff, you get burned. When you get burned, you continue to play the Falling Ball game starting from the beginning. You earn points by collecting the green diamonds on the way. You can buy new balls from the shop section by using these points. The points you collect appear in the upper left corner of the screen. Try to stay alive by constantly trying to keep the ball in the middle of the road as you move along the track. Every second you are not lit appears at the top of the screen.

Roll down the slope trying to survive as long as possible. Avoid all the red obstacles while hitting the ramps and balancing on the platforms. Keep going down the hill as you try to score enough points to reach the top of the leaderboards. Each attempt gives you new platforms and challenges, so keep playing as you try to score high in this addictive online game.

If you add Falling Ball as an add-on to your search engine, you don't have to type it into the search engine every time and you can play right away!