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Dynamons 2 Strategy Game

Play NowDynamons 2 Strategy Game

If you are interested in multiplayer strategy games, Dynamons 2 can be the perfect match for you! Dynamons 2 is a multiplayer combat strategy game with characters in it that are called Dynamons. It is a fun strategy game that requires you to fight against an opponent in other words a Dynamon with your special skills. Each Dynamon has different skill sets. You need to finish the life bar of your component in order to win. Each player gets to attack in order. As you can guess, you need to be careful and plan precisely when it comes to using your special skills. If you make a wrong decision, your opponent might get an advantage. This is what makes this game a strategy game. Not only will it make you have fun, but also it will enhance your strategic thinking skills. What more can a game offer!

How to Play the Game

The game has many features as it is a strategy game, but don’t worry! You will easily figure everything out once you start playing!

  • The game starts with a tutorial that teaches you the basics of the game. We strongly advise you to not skip this part.

  • The tutorial will start with a match. In this match, your character will fight against a computerized character. There will be arrows and signs teaching you what to do. You need to click on what the tutorial shows you.

  • When you do that, the match will start, and you will win as it is a tutorial. After this match, you will get a sense of the game.

  • When the match finishes, you will need to choose a Dynamon to continue. There are initially 3 Dynamons to choose from.

  • After you choose your Dynamon you can start your battles. In the first match, you will see that you have the option of catching your opponent Dynamon. This means that when your opponent is weak, you can lock your opponent in a disk and make it a team friend. You can switch between your team members during battles.

  • After each match, you will earn coins and you can upgrade your Dynamon character.

  • On the road map that you will see on the home page, different players can appear from time to time. If you click on these players, they will invite you to have a battle with them and give you coins if you win. You can see how many coins you will get before the battle so that you can decide whether it is sensible to battle with this person.

  • If you lose a game you just need to click the “Escape” tab to end the match.

  • You can spend the coins you earn in the battles in the shop. There will be loot bags and loot chests that will have amazing components you can use during the battles.

  • On the main page, you can see your team members and their skills by clicking on the “Team” tab. This way you can have an idea about which member to improve.