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Drive And Park

Play NowDrive And Park

    Hello car lovers, today we are meeting you with a car parking game that you will love. Thanks to this game, you will understand how fun parking will be. We are sure that it will attract your attention with many car models and many different parts.

    Therefore, we will give you basic information about the game so that you can understand the game better. Thanks to this information, you can learn many things before you start the game, and you can easily progress in the game. We are now sharing the game instructions with you. Let's examine it.

    We would like to give you some instructions about the game. You can have a comfortable game time with these instructions before starting the game. These instructions are as follows:

    More About The Drive and Park

    • You need a mouse or touchscreen to play the game.
    • When starting the game, if you prefer to play with a computer, you need a mouse. However, if you choose a touch screen technological device such as a tablet, it is possible to park by touch. With the mouse, you can park your car by pressing and sliding it to the parking areas where you see empty. In the same way, you can drag the car to empty parking areas by touching the screen with a touch screen technological device.

    • You should not forget to park in empty spaces.
    • While playing the game, you will encounter many empty parking spaces. To make use of these areas, you can park your vehicle in the empty parking spaces you see first. By the way, you can finish the game quickly.

    • You should not hit the cars and pavements that you encounter.
    • As long as you do not park your car while playing the game, you may encounter a car. That's why you have to park your car very quickly before crashing into the oncoming car. You should also be careful not to hit the pavements while parking your car. If you hit the car or the pavement, you will have to start the game again.

    • You should try to open new car models and new sections.
    • While playing the game, if you park your car correctly before the car appears and you fill the car parking limit, you will start to earn money. Thus, you can buy new car models for yourself. Also, you are entitled to move on to other sections.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Drive and Park

    We shared detailed information about the game with you. Now we want to answer your questions.

    Can I Pause The Drive and Park?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop the game while playing. But when you want to quit the game, you can quit and then continue from the beginning of the episode.

    What Do The Money That I Collected While Playing Work?

    You can use the money you save while playing the game by buying new model cars.