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City Bike Stunt 2

Play NowCity Bike Stunt 2

    Race games are quite exciting when they are also the motor races, it doubles the joy! If you are a speed fanatic, this game will give you everything you want.

    Even if you are playing from a device, you will feel the wind that blows on your face! If you are ready to start the engine, let's talk about the City Bike Stunt 2.

    How Can You Play the City Bike Stunt 2?

    If you are playing City Bike Stunt from a computer, you can use your arrow keys on your keyboard. You can use the space to slow down.

    If you are playing with the two-player: One person will use the W, S, D, A keys and the other one will use the arrow keys.

    What is City Bike Stunt 2?

    City Bike Stunt 2 is a motorcycle game that you will love too. It has everything on it. Let us talk about the details briefly.

    • Choose your bike
    • There are many bikes in the City Bike Stunt 2.You will be able to unlock them as you are successful at the races.

    • Be careful about the obstacles
    • In the race mode, many obstacles are placed to slow you down. Be careful about them, otherwise, you will not be successful at the race!

    • Time is not limitless
    • Race mode has a time limit. You should complete the game before your time ends. Keep checking your time, but at the same time, do not keep your eyes away from the road!

    • Collect the diamonds
    • There are many diamonds in the free-riding mode. If you collect them, you will be able to create the coolest motorcycles at the garage. You can buy those paintings and enjoy your amazing motorcycle!

    Also with the diamonds, you have collected, you can upgrade the qualities of your motorcycle. You can upgrade top speed, brake power, acceleration, and steer sensitivity. All of them will provide you to reach the perfect motorcycle ever! Do not underestimate them, keep upgrading!

    Frequently Asked Questions About the City Bike Stunt 2

    We thought that you might need more information about the City Bike Stunt 2 to increase the quality of your gaming experience. Check them before play the game, they will help you a lot!

    How many modes does the City Bike Stunt 2 include?

    There are two modes at the City Bike Stunt 2. One of them is race mode and the other one is the free-riding mode. There is also a garage that you can design your motorcycle.

    How many motorcycles are there in the City Bike Stunt 2?

    There are seven different motorcycles in the City Bike Stunt 2.

    How many players can play the City Bike Stunt 2 at the same time?

    Two different players can play the City Bike Stunt 2 at the same time.