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Brick 2048

Play NowBrick 2048

    Think about the lame puzzles on the internet. You need to play them like they removed your brain cells. Someone has to make clever games.

    Brick 2048 is that kind of puzzle game. It is a great combination of Tetris and the general logic of 2048 games. You will be get addicted to this game. It is great to play for hours.

    Basics of Brick 2048:

    In this section, we will be talking about the basics of Brick 2048.

    • Brick 2048 is a casual math-based puzzle game. It reminds you of Tetris when you are playing. Your goal is to achieve 2048 with the bricks falls from the up.
    • If the same bricks fall one after one, they will be adding to each other. If the same bricks fall side by side, they will be subject to the addition operation added twice.
    • Just like Tetris, if the bricks’ length exceeds the length of the screen, you lose.
    • You move bricks by the arrows on the keyboard or dragging by your mouse.

    A Walkthrough on Brick 2048:

    To understand the game better you can examine the walkthrough of Brick 2048 from here.

    • We open the game by clicking on the golden play button.
    • First, a 4 numbered brick falls, we place it on the left bottom corner.
    • The second brick is an 8 numbered brick that comes. We place it in the right bottom corner.
    • We see 16 number bricks one after one. That makes them 32. We place this 32 numbered brick into the middle of the screen.
    • The next brick is a 2 numbered brick. We drop it on the 4 numbered brick on the left bottom corner.
    • The other brick created by the game is a 16 numbered brick. It drops on the 32 numbered brick.
    • The next one is an 8 numbered brick. We drop it on to the 8 numbered brick on the right bottom of the screen. That makes a 16 numbered brick.
    • The next brick is an 8 numbered brick, again. We drop it into the right bottom corner, too.
    • The game goes that way. You can continue.


    Can I play Brick 2048 on my mobile device?

    Yes, you can play Brick 2048 on your mobile device. But note the fact that you can’t download it from here. You can just play this online math puzzle by your browser.

    How is the double operation of adding works?

    If three of the same bricks are placed side by side, they will be multiplied by 4. For example, there are three of 8 numbered bricks. They will be 32 numbered bricks.

    Does the game end suddenly when we hit 2048?

    Actually, we haven’t finished the game but this issue was that way in the other 2048 games online.