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Biker Street

Play NowBiker Street

    Biker Street is a great progressive parkour game with a never-ending map design.

    Features of Biker Street

    Biker street is a free-to-play online game where you control a biker through many obstacles and rewards. The main goal of that game is to stay on the road as long as you can. This easy-to-play game has many upgradeable features making it as immersive as a free-to-play game gets. This game is streamed through so you will not have to download it. Ride through different scenes and parkours with loads of fun!

    The high accessibility menu lets you decide to turn on or turn off the music and sounds separate.

    Rich Mechanics on Biker Street

    You will be absorbed in the upgrades.

    Upgradeable features:

    1. Power: This allows your biker to pedal faster. Upgrading this will increase the speed of your bike. However, be careful to upgrade each part with balance. A too powerful bike with loose tires is deadly!
    2. Balance: To survive the steep and curved obstacles you must have a great balance. By upgrading this feature you biker will get less sloppy making it easier to ride through planes with ease.
    3. Tires: A good tire grip is crucial. There will be times that you must slow down or stop. Upgrading your tires makes it easier and more precise to stop. No one wants to fall off of a cliff!
    4. Fuel Capacity: This must be one of the most crucial upgrades. If your fuel runs out the game is over. For a longer journey, you must have a large fuel capacity. Upgrade this feature to enjoy a higher score.
    5. In-game economy: The gold coins are earned by collecting them in each session but be aware! It is not easy to collect all that money when you are running down a rocky hill with low fuel. You must choose your priorities with care! The golds collected are then can be used for upgrades.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Biker Street

    Here you will see the answers to your frequently asked questions.

    How Do I Play Biker Street?

    First, go to online game website. Then search Biker Street on the browser of the site. Controls are easy. Use arrow keys to move forward, backward, or tilting right and left.

    On which platforms can I play Biker Street?

    Since Biker street is an online streamed game, you can play it on any device you have that connects to the internet!

    Can I turn off the music but keep the sounds?

    Yes, you can! The great design of that game allows you to pick the feature you like. You can separately adjust the game sounds and music.

    Do I need to pay subscriptions to play Biker Street?

    Biker Street is a free website game so you can play it without any subscriptions or payments only on Enjoy a cool ride through a steampunk world for free and no strings attached!