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Tower Defense 2D

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    Hello warriors. Today we will talk about a strategic war game. This game is unlike any war game you've played. You will realize that it is an extremely fun and exciting game when you play it.

    That's why we will give you information to have a better game time. With this information, you can make a strategic plan and start the game. This war game, in which you will defeat your enemies, will attract you.

    We would like to tell you some important points about the game. In this way, you can have detailed information about the game. You can also create your plan. Here is the information we have prepared for you.

    More About The Tower Defense 2d

    • You have to place your army in the areas designated for you in the game
    • When you start the game, there will be a lot of free space for you. You can place mages, archers, warriors, and bombers in these empty spaces. Thanks to the army you have placed in these areas, you can easily defeat the enemies you will encounter.

    • You must use your money correctly
    • Some money is given to you when you start the game. With this money, you place your army in empty fields. But you must use your money correctly. You should remember to choose the category that you think can kill enemies most effectively. Because the enemies should not cross your border.

    • You have to watch out for your enemies
    • Many enemies on the battlefield will want to cross your border. You have to watch out for your enemies who want to cross this border. You have 3 rights. If 3 enemies cross your limit, you will lose the game and therefore cannot skip the level. Therefore, you should take care that your enemies do not approach your border.

    • You have to kill enough enemies and strengthen your castles
    • It will be enough to kill the enemies specified for you in the right corner. You will also have the opportunity to improve your castles as you progress through the levels by killing enemies and earning money.

    • You have to try to open different armies in the game
    • As the chapters progress in the game, you will have the opportunity to open new armies. These armies will work against different enemies that confront you. That's why you have to skip the levels and try to unlock new armies.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Tower Defense 2d

    We gave you basic information about the game. We will now answer the frequently asked questions for you.

    Can I Pause The Tower Defense 2d?

    Your enemies will be in constant motion in the game. So you can stop the war moment game whenever you want. In this way, you prevent your enemies from progressing in the game and you do not lose the game.

    How Should I Use The Coins We Earn In The Game?

    You can use the money you earn in the game in your army choices.