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Sunny Farm Io Game

Play NowSunny Farm Io Game

    You will learn everything you need to know starting from the basics of gameplay, how to unlock new villagers, and much more!

    What is SUNNY FARM IO?

    SUNNY FARM IO is a family-friendly game where players build up their farm by tending crops and breeding animals. To start with you get an avatar of your choice and some money before being dropped off in front of the field that you have inherited from your parents.

    As you click through the different tabs on the screen you will unlock potential crops for use. They grow into something called crops and can then be sold at the shop for a profit. You can expand your farm by buying more land once you have advanced far enough. The money that is gained from selling your crops will allow you to spend it on new livestock, buildings, and items. If you want to continue on with a farming lifestyle you will need to collect crops in order to sustain your animals.

    As you advance through the game and work hard at harvesting crops you will be rewarded with a variety of cool items for your avatar. Your avatar can also be dressed up with hats, clothes, and different types of shoes. You can even purchase a horse to ride around on! All the animal babies are adorable as well, especially the ducks.

    How to Play SUNNY FARM IO

    To get started playing SUNNY FARM IO you will need to install the game and create an account.

    The first thing you will want to do is click on the tabs in the middle of your screen that make up your farm. The tabs are crop, livestock, and buildings.


    The crops tab will show you crops growing and how many ingredients it needs to be harvested before it can be sold at the shop. You can play a game of chance by clicking on the reels which have random results that could yield a special item like a bird, horse, or even a villager. Special items are used to buy or upgrade buildings and livestock for your farm.


    The livestock tab will show you livestock that is raised in your farm, what they are and how many ingredients your avatar needs to harvest them before they can be sold at the shop. You will need to have a minimum number of animals purchased in order to produce milk, eggs, and wool.


    The buildings tab will show you buildings that are unlocked for you to purchase such as the barn, tractor, and stables. You will need to have a minimum number of buildings purchased in order to produce milk, eggs, and wool. If you don't see the farm building that you want on this list then don't worry as it may be released in an update in the future. You can also buy special items from the shop for your avatar.

    Unlocking New Villagers

    The fastest way to get yourself into your first crop is to click on your avatar. You will need to buy the basic items first before you can buy the farm building that will display on the left side of your screen. When you are ready for a career in farming it is best if you get in an animal with a high productivity level in order to generate quite a bit of money early on. The most profitable animals for the early game are sheep, ducks, rabbits, and chickens.

    Seeds and Crops for Sale

    As you continue to work hard in the game you will be offered seeds that can be harvested and turned into crops. You will need a seed for every crop you wish to plant. As you continue playing and making money from harvesting crops you will be able to expand your farm by buying more land on top of what was left from your parents. Each new square of land that you buy will need to be filled with crops so you can start making money again. A good example of a crop to harvest would be potatoes for they only require one ingredient. The more ingredients a crop has the more expensive it will be to sell at the shop.

    Wrapping Up

    SUNNY FARM IO is very similar to other popular farming games like FarmVille and Snoopy's HappyTown where you can collect crops and raise animals for real money profits. As you advance through your farm you can unlock more and more potential crops and buildings. It is important to harvest crops in order to make money as you advance through the game otherwise you will lose money.