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Space Racing 3D Game

Play NowSpace Racing 3D Game

    Houston We Have a Race Problem Over The City!: Let’s accept the fact that our world is the lamest place in the world. We mean, we spend our years in traffic jams, city crowds.

    What about the future? Aw, man! Believe us we will be on spaceships to hang around with fellas. Space Racing 3D is a racing game that takes place in that kind of era. You take your spaceship and go further as you wish. What is heaven, folks? This is heaven, my friends. You fly over the folks who live here. Enjoy the adrenaline.

    Basics of Space Racing 3D:

    Let’s lookup up the basic features of Space Racing 3D.

    • Space Racing 3D is an endless runner game that you try to go the further point possible. For each level, you have a target distance. You try to get there. To get that distance you control a spaceship which is pretty cool.
    • You move your spaceship by “A, and D” or the arrows on your keyboard.
    • You can pause the game by the space.
    • Green circles give you a turbo.
    • Red circles make you slower for a while.
    • Yellow circles are the target, to end the level, you should take them.

    A Walkthrough on Space Racing 3D:

    We will take our spaceship and be a part of this legendary adventure. Come, have a seat.

    • We pass the opening menu by clicking on the triangle on the right of the screen.
    • Our spaceship is the red falcon. We go to the level selection menu by clicking on the same triangle again which is blue.
    • We start at the first level. Our target distance is 1860 units. Let’s go.
    • All the buildings are green. This atmosphere belongs to a cyberpunk theme. This seems cool!
    • We collect a turbo in the first phase. Nice! It is pretty easy to get over the buildings.
    • To make the game more entertaining we go to the closest points of the buildings. Oh gosh! That was close.
    • We collect a red circle. Man! This circle slows us down.
    • We end the level by collecting the yellow circle. This was easy actually.


    Can I change my spaceship in Space Racing 3D?

    Yes, you can change your spaceship in Space Racing 3D online racing game free.

    How many spaceships are available in Space Racing 3D?

    Throughout Space Racing 3D amazing free spaceship game online you are able to have 7 different spaceships.