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Snail Bob 7 Online Game

Play NowSnail Bob 7 Online Game

    Snail Bob 7 is a game that offers you strategy in a fun way. You must play to get to know the challenging stages that you will encounter in this game. Many things will interest you in each chapter of the game. If you are interested in strategy games, you are at the right place. Discover your snail's skills and start beating levels in the game.

    Detailed Information About Snail Bob 7

    If you want to discover the snail skills that await you in the game, we recommend that you review the instructions. That's why we have prepared a detailed instructions about the game for you. You can start reading right away to review the information waiting for you in this guide.

    • You have to use the mouse to make your snail move in the game.

      Your snail needs to move in the game. There are two options above to ensure the movement of the snail. These options speed up, turn around. By clicking on these options, you enable the movement of your snail. In addition, it is possible to overcome the difficulties in the game thanks to the right and left click of the mouse.

    • You must try to overcome the difficulties that will come your way.

      Your snail must overcome the difficulties to reach the finish. Therefore, you can eliminate obstacles that prevent movement such as walls and doors by clicking on them.

    • You should try to open new chapters in the game.

      There are many sections in the game. If you get your snail to the finish in the level you are in, new chapters will be unlocked. In this way, you will have the opportunity to try new episodes.

    • You must try to collect the stars.

      If you achieve successful results in each level in the game, you will earn stars. So try to get 80 stars by completing all the levels by getting your snail to the finish.


    We have created a frequently asked questions section about the game for you. In this section, we have shared the answers to the frequently asked questions for you. You can start to review the question

    What Happens If Your Snail Encounters Creatures?

    While moving with your snail, you may encounter a creature. These creatures will damage your snail. So click on your snail to stay away from these creatures.

    How Do You Overcome Obstacles?

    To overcome the obstacles that your snail will face, it will be enough to click on them. This will remove the obstacles.

    How Do You Collect All The Stars?

    To collect all the stars in the game, you will have to reach the finish at all levels. In this way, you will earn a star in each level.