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Phase 10

Play NowPhase 10

    If you believe that you were born to win, what are you waiting for to play? We are presenting you Phase 10 which is the king of the card games that allows you to play with different opportunities.

    Set the cards together, empty your hand and win the game. You can also join the tournaments and show your power to everyone. If you are ready to win, what are you waiting for? Let the game begin!

    Diving into Phase 10 World: Win Them All

    If you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry and just read the following. Then, win it all.

    1. Click to “Play” and start the game. The game will move on in two ways. You will play cards with an opponent for each level, and if you win the level you will earn the right to move forward on the map.
    2. At each level, you have to play the game by the instruction given to you. For instance, “Set of 3”. In this case, you should gather three cards with the same number, and drag them into the box above. After that, you can also add more cards into the box in the same number. The purpose of the game is to empty the cards you have.
    3. At the top of the page, you can see four icons. They are the avatar of yourself, the energy you have, diamonds, and coins in respectively. Each level requires energy; you will use them there. You can buy energy when it is over by the diamond. Also, you will gain coins if you win the game, and use them for the entrance of some games.
    4. You can see the map of the game by clicking on the “JOURNEY” at the bottom left of the page. In the “STORE” section at the bottom right, you can buy special packets or energy by diamonds.
    5. After the 8th level, you can contribute to certain games which can be also said tournaments. Just click the “MULTIPLAYER” section at the bottom, and choose the one suitable for you.
    6. On the “SOCIAL” section you can message the people you meet from the tournaments and become friends.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Phase 10

    Here are the faqs and the answers, in case if you still have questions in your mind.

    Can I gain free coins?

    Of course, you can! You can watch free videos to gain coins or collect the coins every 6 hours in the “STORE” section.

    Is there a limit for collecting coins by videos?

    Yes, there is. You can only watch 5 videos daily.

    Is this a single-player game?

    You can play the game as a single-player by playing with a computer or you can join tournaments and play it with other people.