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Pen Run 2 Game

Play NowPen Run 2 Game

Hello, speed lovers. We have chosen a super fun racing game for you. This fun game will look very different to you. Because you are doing your race with a pencil.

It will be a lot of fun to complete the sections bypassing the obstacles with your pen. It should not be forgotten that the episodes will always get harder. We can say that you are constantly waiting for fun new episodes. The name of this excellent game is Pen Run. Let's share some information with you so that you can play the game comfortably. You will then be ready for the fun.

We will provide you with some instructions about the game. After reviewing these instructions, you will realize how easy the game will be for you. Let's start examining.

More About The Pen Run

  • You need a mouse to play the game.

    You have to move your pen in the game. You can provide this action with the mouse. With the help of the mouse, your pen will move and go in the desired direction. In this way, you will ensure the progress of your pen.

  • You must avoid the obstacles you encounter in the game.

    In the game, you will encounter many obstacles while providing the movement of your pen. You shouldn't hit these obstacles. That's why you have to move your pen away from obstacles. If you hit obstacles, you won't be able to skip the level.

  • You should try to skip the chapters.

    There will be many chapters on your game map. Different obstacles await you in each episode. That's why you should focus on passing the chapters.

  • You have to try to grab the stars.

    While playing the game, you have to collect the red objects that will appear between you. If you collect these red objects, you will be able to increase your stars. You will also see that your stars will increase if you take your pen in the alignment shown to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Game

By looking at the answers to the questions we have prepared for you, you may find the answers to the questions you are curious about. Let's start examining.

Should I Collect Red Objects in the Game?

Collecting the red objects in the game is important to your success in the game. That's why you should take care of collecting it.

What Happens If I Hit Obstacles in the Game?

If you hit the obstacles in the game, your game will be over. You will have to start the episode again.

Can I Stop The Game?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop the game. Your pen will be in constant motion. That's why you should continue with the episode.

Why Should I Go From The Alignments Shown In The Game?

If you proceed from the lines shown to you in the game, you will fill the table shown above to get a star.