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Age Of War

Play NowAge Of War

We’re here today to introduce a game that will take you back to the past. If you like strategic games, Age of War has been created for you. We feel you are excited to get to know this game. Don't worry, we will give you all the information about this great game.

This game is a game where people in ancient times fight in difficult conditions. Can you imagine that you are the one who leads this war? Let us begin to explain the instructions of the game without making you wait any longer.

More About The Age of War

  1. You should use a mouse
  2. While playing the game you have to click with the mouse to make your choices. The only mouse is enough so the game will be much simpler and more fun for you.

  3. You should choose your warriors
  4. You must choose what you can afford from 3 warriors. When you kill somebody you collect money from them. So that you can buy weapons for your warriors with money. The money you spend on recruiting your warriors depends on their strength.

  5. Skip levels by earning points
  6. You need XP points. So how do you win? Firstly, you have to kill enemy units. You have to kill all the enemies until you enter the cave opposite you.

  7. Collecting money
  8. You can get warriors by earning money. That's why you need money. As you kill enemies in front of you, money comes to you according to their strength. You get new weapons and powerful warriors by getting a lot of money.

  9. Using special force
  10. You have a very strong special power in the game. You must wait for it to expire to use it. When you use this power, you can defeat your enemies more easily.

Frequently Asked Question About

We shared the instructions for the game with you, but you may have questions. We would like to answer your questions before starting this nice game.

We have answered some questions for you, if you examine them, you may find the answers to your questions.

What Will Happen After Passing The First Episode?

After completing the first chapter, you can start the other different chapters. In the game that proceeds with the same logic, some new parts will be unlocked as you progress. In this way, you can increase your excitement and progress in the game.

Can I Pause The Age of War?

It is not a game with a pause button. but when you switch to a different page the game stops. So, you may have stopped the game by switching to a different page.

Can We Play The Game On The Phone?

Yes, You can play on Eyzi.Net