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Om Nom Bounce Game

Play NowOm Nom Bounce Game

    Om Nom Bounce is a fun skill game where you can make Om Nom shoot balls at oncoming enemies. Remember the little green Om Nom from the Cut The Rope games? Fight lots of evil enemies with your little friend in Om Nom Bounce and crush them with Om Nom's beloved candies and other candy balls.

    Play Om Nom Bounce Game, start a breathless action right away with the frog jumping adventure. By throwing pieces with the frog, we will constantly throw to stop how many enemy units there are coming towards you, let's see how accurately you will shoot and you will have stopped all enemy units.

    Om Nom's friends have been kidnapped by the mysterious, crazy and very mean Spider-Wizard!

    Now, these monstrous minions are in a frenzy in this cute action game. Team up with Om Nom as he takes on these minions with a very powerful weapon. So what's the gun? Of course sugar!

    Yes, you read it right. These minions can never stand sugar. Join Om Nom as he attacks these minions with mints and sugary treats. He also has loads of power-ups to collect. Just be careful not to run out of health for Om Nom in this legendary adventure. Some of these minions can and will fire powerful shells at Om Nom!

    How to Play Om Nom Bounce?

    Om Nom Bounce is a turn-based aim and shoot game in which Om Nom counters his slowly approaching enemies with candy. Each piece can bounce off the board and damage minions multiple times. The goal in each level is to take down Om Nom's enemies before they reach him at the bottom of the screen.

    Use your mouse or your fingers on the Touchscreen to aim and shoot your balls at approaching enemies. Tap here, hold and release to shoot. You must not reach Om Nom, because he also only has three lives!

    Each enemy has a certain number of health points that you must reduce to zero with your hits. You also need to kill a paint sprayer who wants to splash paint on Om Nom with each wave. Keep the balls coming back to you and collect more ammunition with each level as well as valuable items like treasure chests.

    Equip Om Nom better and better and open a barrage of candies! They can also bounce off the walls of the battlefield and bounce back and forth between enemies.

    After the game is loaded, start the fight with the play option and perform a great shot. Start right away and throw the balls in the frog's hand with the mouse. You must throw the ball to hit the maximum number of monsters. They will move after each shot. You must not let them reach Om Nom or they will take damage. Also, try to catch not only the enemy but also an additional ball during the shooting. This will make your shot more effective and lethal to opponents. After each victory, you will earn candies and donuts with which you can improve our hero and make him invincible!