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Helix Jump 3D Advance

Play NowHelix Jump 3D Advance

    It can bounce on light colors, but try not to touch dark ones.

    How long can you keep each of these paintballs from disappearing? In this intense action game, you have to carefully maneuver them around each of the towers. Along the way, you can pick up power-ups that will crush anything standing between them and their safety.

    Helix Jump Advanced is a game from the category of skill games. It is a game where we try to go down and collect points by using the spaces in a spiral tower with a ball we can design ourselves. We try to pass the ball we use through the gaps by moving the arrow keys and collect points. Helix Jump Advanced is an extremely fun game compared to its competitors in the skill game category. We recommend that you play.

    Let gravity pick you up as you fall in Helix Jump Advanced

    Take control of a ball in this addictive game and try to pass each level without fail. Can you break the platforms and reach the end?

    Your goal in this game is to make your ball reach the bottom of the helix tower. Click on the screen to start the game. You have to rotate the tower to make your ball fall. To do this, you can use the left and right arrow keys or click and hold your mouse to move it around the screen. At each level, your ball has a specific color. You have to make sure that you land on the same color platforms as your ball. Landing on a different colored platform will explode your ball and you will lose the level.

    Falling from a certain distance without landing on a platform will increase your speed. This allows you to destroy the first platform you come into contact with. You can also collect a booster that gives you this skill. At the top of the screen, you can track your progress to the next level. Have fun and good luck!

    How to Play Helix Jump Advanced?

    Play Helix Jump Advanced game and rotate the helix maze by sliding your finger horizontally on the screen to pass the jump ball through the gaps in the helix tower. Don't let the jump ball hit the red plates in the spiral maze or it's game over! Unlock challenges and get free balls! A simple and classic game that you can play anywhere. With colorful 3D graphics, intuitive controls, and addictive and fun gameplay, you can use left and right arrow keys or your mouse for multiple levels to complete.

    In our Helix Jump Advanced game, are you ready to break the layers in our game one by one and move our ball down quickly by acting with the Arrow Keys. Use the Arrow Keys very well in our game and the victory will be yours. We wish everyone a pleasant time in the game.