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Hand Toss

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Hand Toss is a game where you will throw another person into the sky with your strong character. If you want to have fun in this game, you should try to throw your character to the highest point in the sky. That's why you should act as quickly as you throw your character. Thus, the higher you throw your character, the higher your score will be. When you throw it to the highest point, you will see that your character's score increases. If you want to get detailed information about the game, you are at the right place. We have all the details for you in our article.

How to Play Hand Toss Game

If you want to know about the game, you are on the right track. Reading the instructions about the game before starting the game will help you play the game better. Therefore, please read the instructions below carefully.

  • In the game, you must use the mouse for your character to throw the other character.

    With the help of the mouse, you will see that the person your character throws will rise more. Especially when you click too much with the mouse, your character will throw the other character up so much.

  • You must ensure that the character does not fall to the ground.

    The character you throw will get closer to the ground each time. If you stop clicking, your character will fall to the ground. When this happens, you have to start the game again. Therefore, do not lower your character.

  • You should try to get the highest score.

    When you throw with your character in the game, you must make your character throw the highest. In this way, your score will increase with each throw. You will compete with yourself to get the highest score.


If you have questions that you wonder when you start the game, we have created a frequently asked questions section for you. In this section, you will be able to find answers to your questions.

What Should You Do to Throw High in the Game?

In the game, you will need to click a lot with the help of the mouse for your character to jump to the highest. In this way, your character will reach the highest point.

What Happens If the Character Falls to the Ground?

If the character falls to the ground, you will have to start the game again. For this reason, you should be careful that your character does not fall to the ground.

What Should Be Done to Achieve the Highest Score in the Game?

If you want to achieve the highest score in the game, you must ensure that the character reaches the highest point by not knocking it down. With each throw, you make him make more progress.