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Guess The Kitty

Play NowGuess The Kitty

    Hey you! If you trust that you will guess the right kitty every single time, here is a game for you. Be careful about the right choice, otherwise, the kitty will pay a heavy price. We are presenting you with an insane quiz game that will cruel to the wrong answers and force you to choose the right ones.

    Guess the right kitties, unlock the new execution ways but try to keep the kitties alive! If you are ready to jump in some craziness, let’s start!

    Let’s Jump in Guess The Kitty

    If you want to start the game right away, maybe you need to review the things below before the start. You may start when you are ready!

    1. At first, you should click the “play” button and start the game. There are a bunch of different kitties in the game. The purpose of the game is to guess the species, professions, or styles of the kitties according to their physical appearance. The kitties will be appearing on the left side of the page and the choices will be on the right side of the page. Three choices will be appearing and you should click the right one.
    2. You can watch your left time from the bar above the choices. Also, you can see the number of kitties you have guessed right inside the star at the end of the timing bar. After, you failed you will see your best score and the current score on a table coming after. You can always compare and compete with yourself.
    3. If you cannot guess the kitty right the kitty will be executed. There are several different execution methods, you can see them each time you have guessed wrong. On the home page, you can see a skull icon at the bottom. If you click it, you can see the execution method that will be coming. You can display them, as well.
    4. Also, as the number of correct guesses increased new execution methods will be unlocked. You can see how many correct guesses you will need as you go on the next pages. The execution methods which are “piano’s hurt”, “slice him up” and “chainsaw says hello!” are coming with the game as default.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Guess The Kitty

    The faqs about Guess The Kitty are answered just for you. Let’s review them!

    Do I have a second chance if I choose the wrong answer?

    No, you only have one shot. Try to use it wisely!

    Can I start the game when it is over?

    Of course, you can! You can start over as much as you want.

    What should I do to unlock all the execution methods?

    You should guess at least 100 kitties right to unlock all of them.