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Gold Diggers Adventure

Play NowGold Diggers Adventure

Shiny golds are waiting for you to collect them. You should build your team and get ready to collect all the precious golds! Remember, teamwork will help you to collect more gold! But it is not easy to manage a team.

As in front of all of them, you have to protect them from the obstacles. If you fall in space, they will all fall with you so you will fail and you have to restart the game.

Gold Diggers Adventure sounds cool, right? Do you know what is cooler? Play this game with full information. Let’s inform you a little bit.

Information About The Gold Diggers Adventure

This super game is waiting for you, but before you play it, we want to give you some information and tips about the Gold Diggers Adventure. In this way, you can manage to complete all levels successfully!

  • All you need is a controller
  • Do you have a mouse or a trackpad? If you have, cool! Just use the left click from your mouse or trackpad to give an order. Are you playing this game from a device with a touch screen? Not a problem at all! You can enjoy the game by tapping on the screen.

  • Collect the coins
  • I mean, it is the main goal, right? You should collect the coins to open more levels. You will be able to see the amount of the coin that you collected on the screen. Try not to miss any of them! But remember, if you fall to space, you have to restart the level, so you will lose all the golds you collected.

  • Add more people to your team
  • More people means more coins! As soon as you added people to your team, the amount of gold that you will collect will be double, triple, or fourfold. Depends on the number of people on your team.

  • Be careful about the obstacles!
  • You do not want to fall. It means that you have to start the level all over again! And all the golds you collected will be a waste. So, be careful about your timing and jump right in time when you see the space in the game area.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Gold Diggers Adventure

We thought you still have some questions, so we picked some of the frequently asked questions about the Gold Diggers Adventure. Read them, one of them might be an answer to your question.

How Many Levels Do Gold Diggers Adventure Have?

It has three different sections, and every section, it has 10 levels.

Where Can I See The Finish Line?

You can follow the way from the line that is at the bottom of the game screen.

Do I Have Limited Chance To Fail?

No, your level progression does not reset if you fail. You just lose the gold that you collected at that level. You can play that level again.