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Fire Blocks

Play NowFire Blocks

    Daily regular life is boring, isn’t it? Your brain works all the time. Sometimes because of the work, sometimes just because of the overthinking issues. Both are bad habits for our mental health.

    Fire Blocks is just the right game to blowing off some steam. Every time a block is removed, your nerves start to relax. It is like a natural cure for your nerves.

    Basics of Fire Blocks:

    Even if Fire Blocks seems like a too easy hyper-casual game, there are a few facts about the game that you need to know.

    • Fire Blocks is a hyper-casual one-click game. You have a shooter gun and a lot of blocks. Your goal in this game is to eliminate all the blocks by shooting them.
    • To shoot, you should click on the screen. If you hold the left click, you continue to shoot.
    • There will be blocker objects that move to left and right. Don’t shoot on them. Your bullet will kill you this is important.
    • Also, you will be playing against time, too. The bar on the bottom of the screen shows you the time. Every time you remove a block, you earn time. But you should remove blocks to continue the game.
    • So, shoot fast, think fast, and avoid shooting yourself. We guess the message is clear.

    A Walkthrough on Fire Blocks:

    We will be playing Fire Blocks to blow off some steam. We need fellows around us. Will you join us?

    • As we open the game, we click on the screen to continue.
    • There are 53 blocks to fire.
    • We hold the left click to fire. As long as we hold on the left click on the blocks are removed instantly.
    • Well done! That was easy. We go towards the next level by clicking on the orange continue button.
    • There are 59 blocks on the second level. Let’s see what will we do. Obviously, we have a blocker that moves left and right. We sometimes leave the left click.
    • By bursting shoots, we remove the whole 59 blocks. Legendary! Well done!


    Can I play Fire Blocks on my mobile device?

    You can totally play Fire Blocks on your Android device. Also, your iOS device will be able to start the game, too.

    How can I earn more points while I play Fire Blocks?

    When you play this free online hyper-casual game, there is a pretty cool way to gain more points. AS you see the blocker game objects, when you shoot from near them, you will earn bonus points. It is a risky shot but, a cool one.

    What if I run out of time while I play Fire Blocks?

    As time is one of the greatest obstacles in the game to overcome, you fail, basically.