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Doomsday Hero Online Game

Play NowDoomsday Hero Online Game

    Doomsday Hero, Are you ready to clash with zombies to save innocent people? As a result of a great experiment, a poisonous chemical gas was spread around. People began to be harmed and turned into zombies because of this poisonous gas. The city is in danger and no antidote has yet been found. You must help the innocent survivors. We call these heroes fighting zombies apocalypse warriors. As an apocalypse warrior, you will have to kill zombies and save the city from this invasion. If you're ready for the game, keep reading.

    How to Play Doomsday Hero Game

    Detailed information about the game will increase your performance in the game. That's why we've gathered some information for you. Using this information, you can destroy the zombies.

    • In this game, you will have to use the keyboard and mouse at the same time.

      You have to use the mouse to start the game. After making the necessary adjustments, you can move the character with the 'AWD' keys on the keyboard. You can adjust the character's gaze direction and muzzle using the mouse. In this way, it will be easier for you to shoot zombies.

    • You have to use weapons in the game.

      The game aims to kill the zombies so you have to use a gun. You have to target the zombies with your gun and kill them without mercy. Because they are killing innocent people.

    • You have to collect gold in the game.

      Money will be scattered for each zombie you kill in this game. You have to collect these coins so you can buy better weapons and kill more zombies.

    • Don't forget to jump when needed.

      In some cases in the game, too many zombies will come upon you and the only way to get rid of them is to jump.


    You can use this platform prepared for all the questions you wonder about the game. These questions will allow you to learn more about the game.

    What If You Can't Shoot Zombies In The Game?

    Zombies will trap you in a corner and your health will decrease. You don't want to die so you should start shooting them right away. The more zombies you shoot, the more money you will get. Your health will decrease when zombies touch and approach you. If you don't want to die, you have to act much smarter and smarter than them.

    What To Do With The Coins In The Game?

    You can upgrade your weapon by using the money in the game. In this way, the power of your weapon will increase and you will be able to shoot zombies better.

    How To Level Up?

    You can reach the next level by killing all the zombies on the track and collecting the spilled gold.