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Conduct This

Play NowConduct This

    Hey folks! Do you want to play the king of the games? If you do so, you are on the right page. We are presenting you with a game with lots of challenges.

    Protect the train from crushing, deliver the passengers and win the coins. The train needs your conducting skills. Are you ready? Let’s dive into the roads.

    Make You the Conductor of Conduct This!

    If you are ready to be the conductor of the train, you should review the following at first.

    • Click the play and start the game. The purpose of the game is to deliver the passengers without any accident. For every level, a new challenge is waiting for you.
    • If you want to stop the train just click on it only once. You will need this simple move a lot in the game. Stopping the train will protect from crushing to trucks, trains, buses, cars, etc. The train stops in the stations automatically, so you do not have to try to stop it. The train stops in the station if they are in the same color. In this case, the color of the train changes constantly.
    • For each level, you will have different duties and different train roads. Be careful; the duties have a time limit. Before you start the time limit you have and the number of passengers you have to deliver is written. If you cannot complete the level by them, or crush a vehicle the level will be failed.
    • On the map, you can click where you are and start the game. The map you see is just one region of the whole world map. If you click on the “WORLD” on the left corner, you will see it all. As you complete the levels on one region you can pass to another region. One by one you will complete the whole world.
    • As you are playing you can always stop the game from the pause button on the top of the page. You can start the game again or come back to the region you are in by clicking on the turning arrow button or “REGION” button.
    • If you want to reset the whole game and start over, you can go on “SETTINGS” on the right corner and click on “RESET ALL DATA”.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Conduct This!

    Here are the faqs and their answers to clear the way through the Conduct This!

    What if I finish the level before the limit of time?

    It is a total advantage for you! It will provide you extra coins.

    I am colorblind, how can I play this game?

    Don’t worry about it. You can turn on the colorblind mode from the “SETTINGS” and enjoy the game.

    Are there any other language choices?

    Yes, there are! You can review them from the “SETTINGS” and then clicking on the “LANGUAGE”. There are eight language choices.