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Car Toys Season 1

Play NowCar Toys Season 1

Hey folks, we are here at to tell you all about Car Toys Season 1. In this free to play online game, you will be controlling different vehicles and solving puzzles. The game might seem simple at first but as you play you will see that it has much to offer. Let us take a deeper look into this cute little game.

What Does Car Toys Season 1 Do Great?

Here are the things that make this free online game Car Toys Season 1 great:

  • The Character Designs: If you haven’t noticed already, all our characters are cars! And they have awesome faces. It almost feels like they all have different personalities. This is a great example of good character design.
  • Environmental Details: Each level you play takes place in a different environment. This provides more of an eye-pleasing gameplay. It also keeps things interesting since you see different places for every different level.
  • Level Design: The levels are designed in a way to push the player into solving them. They all contain very small puzzles and require good planning beforehand. This kind of design works really well with 2d arcade games.

How to Play Car Toys Season 1?

It is very easy to play Car Toys Season 1! You just need a pointer and you are all done. All you gotta do is click on the cars to move them, click on them again to stop them. Timing is very crucial here because if you miss the timing a car might fail to stop. This will result in a loss and you will need to replay the level. Make sure you planned every move before starting to execute the actions.

FAQs About Car Toys Season 1

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Car Toys Season 1

How to replay levels in Car Toys Season 1?

If you would like to start a level from the start, all you need to do is click on the circular arrow in the bottom left corner. This option allows you to replay any level.

Can you die in Car Toys Season 1?

No, you cannot die in Car Toys Season 1. If you fail to stop your car and fall down, you will just replay the level. Your character does not die.

How to make the cars stop in Car Toys Season 1?

In order to stop the cars in Car Toys Season 1, you need to click on them before they fall down. You must make sure to get the timing right.

Can you turn the music/sounds off in Car Toys Season 1?

Yes, you can! There is a sound icon on the top right corner that lets you turn off all sounds in the game.