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Car Toys Japan Season 2

Play NowCar Toys Japan Season 2

    A Legendary Parking Game For Master Drivers: Probably the hardest thing about driving is to park. Only the legends can park the car in a proper position.

    Wait. Aren’t you a parking legend? Car Toys Japan Season 2 is the game created for you. It is harder than you can imagine. Give it a try, buddy. Also, you will be able to show your parking skills. Nice, huh?

    Basics of Car Toys Japan Season 2:

    This game is not as easy as it seems. Why? Let’s check these basic facts out!

    • Car Toys Japan Season 2 is a car parking game. Your goal is to park your cars in the true places and eliminate the police car.
    • To move the car, you should click on it. Once you click on it, it will be moving.
    • To stop the car, you should click on the car again.
    • To park the car properly, you should stop the car just in the green place. If a car is on the place, you can toss it to park your car. Your car will not be damaged.
    • After you parked all the cars, the game checks the parking places and gives approvals.

    A Walkthrough on Car Toys Japan Season 2:

    Let’s beat some police cars and park our cars. Would you like to join us in this walkthrough?

    • There are three alive cars on the screen. A police car, a cool car, and a woman's car.
    • We click on the green play button to continue to the game.
    • We select the first level from the level selection menu.
    • We need to eliminate the police car on the above and park the other two cars, properly.
    • First, we click on the car below. Just in time, we click it again to stop it. It stops on the field of the park.
    • We click on the car above. And click it again to stop it. The police car falls from the platform. Well done! We did it, guys.
    • The game checks the places of the car. And… it… is… APPROVED.
    • We pass this level with superior success.


    How can I play Car Toys Japan Season 2 on my mobile device?

    To play Car Toys Japan Season 2 online on your mobile device, you should open this page in a web browser. The game will be opened.

    Do I need to keyboard to play Car Toys Japan Season 2?

    Of course not. The only thing you need is a mouse to play Car Toys Japan Season 2. If you access this page by your mobile device, the mouse is redundant, too.

    Can I find the first game of Car Toys Japan Season 2?

    Yes, is proud to present you with the first season of Car Toys Japan Season 2. You can find out on the website.