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Adam and Eve Go

Play NowAdam and Eve Go

    Hey folks, do you want to help Adam to reach his beloved one Eve? You are the only one who can help them! Adam needs your help desperately.

    If you accept this mission and want to help Adam, we will share with you every detail you should know! Adam and Eve Go is the game you should be playing without waiting for any second!

    How Can You Help Adam?

    Adam and Eve Go is a funny game that you will enjoy every second of it. The main goal of the game is to provide Adam to reach her love Eve. You are the only one who can make that happen! So, that is why we listed some of the facts that you might need while playing Adam and Eve Go.

    1. What do you need while playing?
    2. If you are playing Adam and Eve Go from a computer, you will a keyboard. You can play the game with the arrow keys. If you are playing this game from a device with a touchable screen, just touch where you want to go. In both ways, you will provide Adam to move.

    3. Be careful about the obstacles
    4. Snakes, dinosaurs, and more! There are many obstacles on the way that will make you fail. Do not get close to them. If you have to get close, just wait for them to sleep, but they can be asleep any second! Keep your eyes on them!

    5. Find the right way!
    6. Maybe it seems complicated but once you understand the way, you will easily get what you have to do to reach Eve. Just do not fall into space!

    7. Collect the bananas, apples, and pears.
    8. Every banana, apple, pears, or any other thing you have collected will increase your score. Try to collect as much as you can!

    9. Bring Eve a red flower!
    10. Eve is waiting for Adam to bring her flower. Do not forget to pick the flower on the road. You do not want to upset Eve.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Adam and Eve Go

    We thought you might still have some questions about the Adam and Eve Go.

    That is why we listed some of the frequently asked questions about the Adam and Eve Go. Do not forget to check them!

    How many levels does the Adam and Eve Go include?

    Adam and Eve Go include thirteen levels in total. You can complete all of them and ensure Adam lives with Eve happily ever after!

    Can I repeat the level when I fail?

    Yes, if you fail you always can repeat your level.

    Are there more Adam and Eve games?

    Yes, Adam and Eve is a well-known game series. You can find other Adam and Eve games and play them as well.