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Zombie Shooter 2D Online Free

Play Now Zombie Shooter 2D Online Free

If you are got bored with lame and easy puzzle games, try Zombie Shooter 2D. This free game is both a shooter and a puzzle game. Time to kill some zombies, huh?

Sometimes A Bullet In The Head Is Relaxing: Did you get bored with the lame and too easy puzzle games? Most of them have obvious solutions. You should be playing a challenging puzzle game like chad.

Zombie Shooter 2D is both a shooter and a puzzle game. The only thing you need to this shoot the zombies from a right angle. It is not as easy as you thought. Sometimes you need to challenge yourself to find the right angle. Sometimes you will in need of good fortune.

Basics of Zombie Shooter 2D:

Let’s guide you on how to play Zombie Shooter 2D. Also, we will be giving you some basic tips. You should take all the possible instructions before starting anything, folks.

  • Zombie Shooter 2D is a 2D shooter and puzzle game. Your goal is to tear down all the zombies in the level.
  • To kill zombies, you should aim with your mouse cursor and click right click to shoot.
  • Sometimes you can’t access the zombies you need to kill. In those cases change the angle and shoot the wall. The bullets will be bouncing 4 times.
  • The turning woods are also important. You should arrange your shoot by taking into consideration these. Your bullets will be bouncing on them, too.
  • Each time your bullets touch a zombie means extra points. You should literally paint the zombies with your bullets.
  • Shoot your bullets wisely. You have limited bullets. If you spend all the bullets you have and don’t finish the level, you will be failing the level.
  • If you pass the level well, you will be getting 3 starts as a real gamer. Only the losers get 2 or 1 stars.

Zombie Shooter 2D Walkthrough

Grab your weapon. We need you for a glorious hunt!

To do something properly, sometimes you need to see how it’s done. Don’t worry, mate. We are here to assist you. Hang on, here we start!

  • As we open the game, we become the subject of a gloomy screen. There are a few dead trees and fog. It seems like the place is a witch’s castle. We see it, too.
  • There is only one button on the screen. We click on it to start the game.
  • There is a level selection menu here. The only possible option is the first level which was pointed out by the game with green color.
  • We see three zombies as a line. We shoot one of them from its head. Kaboom! Three of them die by one shot. Good job!
  • There are two zombies above us. After the previous kills, we shoot the wall with a close 30 degrees angle. By that angle, we are able to kill the zombies above us.
  • After that, there is only one zombie left. We kill him directly by aiming its head.
  • The level ends.