Wars of Worlds

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What about having a legendary game and experience winning with all its glory? Well, you will see the War of Worlds as a free online war game!

Strategy games are the games that you can show your tactical abilities. Generally, it is hard to find a good strategy game for browsers.

Wars of Worlds is a legendary strategy game that you can play for hours. Train your army, arrange your strategies, and run for your honor, run for your glory. We have a future to invade, folks. Let’s go. We are the superior power, they are the weaker ones.

Basics of Wars of Worlds

Wars of Worlds is a little complicated game for most browser games. So, you need to be a guide. Follow our lead, we will be your guide.

  • Wars of Worlds is a strategic war game based on the past and the future.
  • In the past, there is an ancient warrior with blades and dragons and magicians.
  • You should determine your side at first. Even if the future seems more advantageous, the past is not the weaker ones. All the parties have pros and cons. PS: The past looks cooler.
  • To start the game, you need soldiers. You can train them from the barracks you will be building. The green gems are a useful tool to fasten the process. The training process of the soldiers seems a bit annoying.
  • To get in a war, you need the select your enemy in the warzone. The most beneficial method is to place your soldiers by close fighters to ranged soldiers.
  • The soldier’s abilities are ordered by the price of them. The most expensive soldier is the strongest one.

A War of All Against All: Let’s Deploy Our Troops

What is the most significant feature of the successful commanders? Their ability to make decisions during the war. Let’s show our success.

  • After skipping the advertisement, we see an illustration with deeper impressions. There are two types of people probably in a warzone. They are marching together against them.
  • The left part of the world is like a middle-age tale story character. There are elves, human-horses, dragons, etc. The right one is a little seems dystopic. There are technologically advanced robots, weird body armor, and laser guns.
  • The game wants us to make a choice. Our choice is the world of legendary elves. The left one. We click the button on the left bottom.
  • There is a map selection menu. We select the place with grasses. It is called “King’s Garden”. We click the orange button that says choose this base.
  • After we select, we see a few wooden buildings. A witch is trying to teach the game but never mind. We skip her.
  • We follow the green arrow on the screen to play.
  • From the shop, we train 3 warriors. One of them is basic warriors with a sword. The other one is a dragon. Cool, huh?
  • After they trained, we release them all. We arrange the war strategies of them.
  • It is time to go to the arena. We release our warriors to the fight. Even if this is a training fight, the glory belongs to us.