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Vintage Five Difference

Play NowVintage Five Difference

    History of civilization full of interesting people. They were glorious, legendary, and geniuses. Imagine, these people ruled empires for centuries like chads. Our weak state system is no longer than two hundred years.

    Anyway, if you fan of the ruler and political people from history, we have a game for you. You can never know, who will be on your screen. PS: There is a Caesar who smokes. If you grab a cigarette and put on the mouth of Caesar’s picture, you would be banished for years. So, enjoy your freedom of speech and entertainment. Play this game. Who knows, maybe you can look up for the people who appeared on your screen.

    Basics of Vintage Five Difference

    Have ever played this kind of game that based on the level of carefulness? To play it better you need to give all the attention to the screen. Let’s give you some tips about how you should play the game.

    • Vintage Five Difference is a finding-differences game based on ancient drawings of several historical people.
    • There is two of the same exact picture on the screen. The developers of the game added some extra details to one. Some of them are easy to find some of them harsh.
    • You use your mouse cursor bilaterally. This means your mouse will be acting like there are two mouses on the screen. It takes a while to get used to.
    • When you find the difference click on it. The game will point it out for you.
    • Every picture has five differences. To pass to another picture, you need to find all the 5 differences between the pictures’.

    Vintage Five Difference Game Walkthrough

    Take All of the Attention Please! We need ‘em all.

    Did you get bored with history classes? Come here, our topic is history again but it is not boring, we swear. Imagine our glorious and legal Jul Caesar with a cigarette. It is fun!

    • We start the game and start to laugh at the same time. There are two Julius Caesars and one of them smoking a cigarette. Well, that’s a difference. We report to the game. Being a truth-teller is not a good thing but, you know, in this game our duty is this.
    • Our Caesar’s crown made of olive branches looks a little weird. It seems like the game changed the way of their leaves. This difference has not escaped from our eagle vision.
    • There is a bad feeling about the sketches behind Caesar’s neck. They seem like they are not the same. But they should be the same. So, we click the parallel lines behind Caesar’s neck. Bingo! That’s a difference.
    • There is something unfamiliar with Caesar’s eyes. When we click there, the game handles it. But we leave there the game.
    • You should be continuing the game for us. All of these people were the kings. You are glorifying them by remembering them. We guess all of them are resting in peace. Why? History remembers them. History was written for them.