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Solitaire Tripeaks

Play NowSolitaire Tripeaks

    Solitaire Tripeaks is among the funniest mind games. It is card-playing that enables the children to learn the numbers well. Do not get bored so quickly! The Solitaire Tripeaks both a funny and didactic game. Let's explore it together. You will play in the mysterious Deep Sea and try to get to all levels. The Solitaire Tripeaks challenges you to decipher the solitaire puzzles that different from each other! You get a chance to train your brain, and having some fun on the mysterious island! Click in now and play the Solitaire Tripeaks which is a brilliant mind game!

    More About to Game: How to Play?

    Before getting into the mysterious world of Deep Sea, let's take a look at the instructions:

    • You can play the game on the computer or touch screen devices.
    • It is really easy to use! If you are using a computer, all you need to do is click by mouse. If you prefer to play with touch screen devices such as mobile phones or tablets; you can play it by touching.

    • The logic behind the game:
    • The first level actually teaches you how to play. You will see a card given you below, you have to choose a card one higher or one lower from the given card. By choosing the cards correctly, you will be able to finish the level.

    • If there are no playable cards, tap to deal a new card.
    • You need to know which cards are great than others. K as the King is the highest card on the game. Respectively, it is decreasing as Q as the Queen, J as the Joker, and then the numbers as 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2. The "A" letter is equal to "1". If you cannot see any higher or lower cards from the card given to you, you should tap to deal a new card.

    • Fill up streak meter and win bonuses.
    • More bonuses mean more scores. You need to play correctly to get extra bonuses.

    • “Undo your last move” button:
    • In the next levels of the game, you will be able to undo your last move. If you think that you make a false move, undo it. Oh! What did you say? Are you good enough not to make a false move? Let's see it!

    • Quests and Free Spin Chart:
    • You have daily quests to do. Additionally, you get a free spin chart by your scores. However, you can always complete the quests and get a free chart chance by watching ads. Remember to inactivate ad blockers.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Game

    We know a brilliant child who could play mind games does not need this section, yes. But If you need, see:

    Is the game free?

    Yes! You can always visit the website and play anytime you want.

    Is the game being saved?

    As long as you use the same device when you are playing, you can always resume on the last level.

    Can I stop the game?

    Yes. If you do not click the "play" the game will stop.