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Slither Birds

Play NowSlither Birds

    Hey there! Do you want to try a great free game suitable for everyone? You have to try Slither Birds right away!

    We are offering you this game with great graphics, bright colors, and with a cool target. The bird you control will be growing it eats the eggs, and avoid to hit and get killed by the other birds. Also, we believe that you will eat the other birds and grow as big as you can.

    We know that you will be the champion out of them and get written your name to the Leaderboard. If you are ready, let’s start the game already!

    To clear the way for you and get you ready for the game, we gathered the following for you. Let’s review them first then, start the game.

    Get Ready to Play Slither Birds

    • Write your name or the nickname you want to the box and click the “PLAY” button. Also, you can choose a bird you want to play with when you click on the “SKIN” button on the bottom of the “PLAY” button. There are 9 options for you with different colors and types of birds. The bird is moving by slithering and you can control it with your mouse or touchpad.
    • You will start a game as a 1.25 kg bird which can be followed from the top left corner as you grow. You will be grown as you collect the eggs around before the other birds. You should be careful about the other birds around and try to not get eaten.
    • When you bump into the rival birds, you will be killed. Also, when the others bump to you, they will be killed and given you a lot of eggs to eat and grow yourself. If you double click, you will be getting smaller; and if you keep double-clicking repeatedly you will be turned back to the size that you have started with at the beginning.
    • As you eat the eggs and gain the kilos the chance of being the number one is increased. You can follow the best players and their weights from the “Leaderboard” on the top right corner. The best three birds will be written on the Leaderboard.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Slither Birds

    If you need any extra help, here are the faqs and answers to comfort you and clear your mind. Let’s take a look at them!

    Can I play the game on full screen?

    Yes, you can. You can click on the very right icon on the bottom side.

    Can smaller birds beat me?

    Yes, you can. You should not underestimate them and be careful about them.

    If hit my tail, will I die?

    No, you won’t die. You can feel safe with yourself.