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Sky Troops Online Game

Play NowSky Troops Online Game

    Hello warriors. We have prepared an enjoyable game for you. With this game, you will get ready to fight in the sky. Here is the name of our new game: Sky Troops. You should join this war, which consists of many stages with legendary aircraft models.

    Do not forget that you will use your plane in the fun battle in the sky. If you like war games, this game is for you. Let's get to know the game closely.

    Before we start this super fun game, we wanted to give >you some guidelines. In this way, you will find the opportunity to play the game in the best way. You can start to examine the directive we have prepared for you.

    More About The Sky Troops

    1. You can play the game with a mouse or a touch screen.
    2. You have to move your plane because you fight by using a plane in the game. If you are using a computer, you can direct your plane with the help of a mouse. However, if you are using a touch screen tablet or phone, you direct your plane by touching your screen.

    3. You have to shoot the enemy planes in the game.
    4. You will encounter many enemy aircraft while fighting in the air in the game. You have to destroy these enemy planes in a way that will hit them the most.

    5. You have to save the people you encounter in the game and get the health boxes.
    6. You will encounter many people while destroying enemies with your plane in the game. You have to save these people. In addition, sometimes you come across health boxes with people. By taking these health boxes, you can repair the damage caused by the enemies.

    7. You have to buy new airplane models by earning money in the game.
    8. You earn money from the enemies you shoot and the people you save in the game. Thus, you can improve your aircraft or buy higher model aircraft with the money you earn. In this way, you destroy more enemies with your planes, and your money increases.

    9. You have to try to complete the levels in the game.
    10. New chapters are opened as each chapter passes in the game. That's why you should try to skip the section you are in. Different challenges await you in each new episode.

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Sky Troops

    You can go on a fun adventure by following our instructions about the game. Now, we wanted to answer the questions you are curious about.

    How Do I Make More Money in the Game?

    If you want to earn more money in the game, you have to destroy a lot of enemy planes. You should also increase the number of people you will save.

    Can I Improve Planes in the Game?

    It is possible to develop your aircraft in the game. There are three levels. You can improve your planes by opening these three levels. Also, don't forget that you can buy new aircraft.