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Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel!

Play NowShadow Fighters: Hero Duel!

    Can you be the winner of the fight?

    Fighters trained under the shadows are preparing for the toughest fighting tournament. These warriors are used to fighting in the toughest conditions! Participate in competitions by choosing one of 8 powerful fighters. Fights take place in different places. You can also play your game, which is played as a single or for 2 players, in story mode. If you feel ready, start fighting now!

    Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel is a fantasy fighting game between shadow heroes. Fights will take place in different venues. You can choose battle positions for each battle. Play this game against your opponents. Join now and discover new attacks and fighting techniques.

    In the new exciting game Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel

    You will travel to the Shadow World. Today will be a hand-to-hand fighting championship in which the best fighters in this world will participate. You can also participate in these competitions. After choosing a hero, you will find yourself in the fighting arena. He will be his opponent against your character. The duel will begin at the signal. You will have to attack the enemy. Make a series of blows to the body and head of the enemy and perform various tricks. Your task is to reset the enemy's life level and knock him out. You will also be attacked. Therefore, avoid or block your opponent's blows.

    How to Play Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel?

    You can distinguish between Player 1 and Player 2 fighters with the keys mentioned below.

    PLAYER 1:

    • Movement: W, A, S, D.
    • Punch: F, G, H.
    • Kick: C, V.
    • Dash: AD-2X.

    PLAYER 2:

    • Movement: ARROW KEYS
    • Punch: U, I, O.
    • Kick: K, L.
    • Dash: LEFT-RIGHT ARROW-2X.

    Fighters trained under the shadows are getting ready for the world's greatest fighting competition with Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel! These warriors can fight even at night. They are capable and strong. Remember, there will be eight fighters in this championship. You can choose any of the fighters. Fights will take place in different locations. You can play in single player mode or two player mode. You can fight against different fighters in story mode too! Let the fighting championship begin!

    You can play Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel for free. On your computer, you can play this game with your mouse or with the arrow keys on your keyboard. On your mobile phone or tablet, you can play this game on touch screens, by tapping or swiping. The game should fit on your screen. If there is a notification about the orientation of your phone or tablet, please rotate your phone or tablet to correct the position. Refresh the page if necessary. If you need help, please write a comment below the game. You can also open other games below by selecting recommended games, next or previous games. You can also navigate to the category you want to play. We wish you luck.