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Sara’s Cooking Class Caramel Brownie

Play NowSara’s Cooking Class Caramel Brownie

    Imagine an ability that its output is both delicious and smells very nice. Cooking, fellas! If you are good at cooking, you can cook whatever you want anytime. To learn to cook, you should cook something with a person who good at cooking.

    Sara is one of these people. She will be guiding you to cook delicious meals. How? You can even learn how to cook by a game. Let’s be one of the most talented students of Sara. She will be explaining to you every single step you will take. Sounds delicious, huh? The only thing you need to do is be in Sara’s kitchen and help her cook, for this game, a caramel brownie. Let’s go people.

    Basics of Sara’s Cooking Class: Caramel Brownie

    • In this game, you will be cooking a caramel brownie.
    • Our dear chef Sara will be the leader. Just follow her orders.
    • When you start, Sara will be ordering you to gather around the kitchen gadgets.
    • To understand what kitchen gadget you need, look to the kitchen island. There will be a few transparent shapes with faint colors. Find them in Sara’s kitchen.
    • If you can’t find the objects after a while, the game points out the object you are looking for by an arrow and blinking.
    • To use an object, click on it with your mouse. After that, use it for whatever purpose you have.
    • At the end of the game, you will be the chef of a delicious caramel brownie.

    Sara’s Cooking Class: Caramel Brownie Walkthrough

    Let’s Dive into Sara’s Kitchen: A Walkthrough to the game

    • When we get into the game, there is a pleasant and beautiful woman who raises her thumbs. The background is blurred but we can claim it is a kitchen. On the camera’s view, there is a delicious and sweet looking dessert. This should be a caramel brownie.
    • We click the yellow start button above the desert.
    • Sara says that she has a passion for sweet foods. Invites us to make a caramel brownie. We accept the call by clicking the continue button on the bottom.
    • We should find the chopping board, her huge chef knife, and the bowl with caramels. The chopping board is on the kitchen bench, the knife is on the knife organizer. Caramels? They are under the cabinet under the sink.
    • We put the caramels on the chopping board and slice them into pieces. After chopping, we put them into the bowl again. Sara says to us “Excellent”. So, the process is as expected.
    • We should find an empty green bowl, a spoon, a purple bowl with white things in it, and our chopped caramels. We find it anyway. We put all the things into the empty bowl. And mix them by drawing cycles on the screen.
    • Under the leadership of Sara, the process goes on. Let’s leave the rest of the game to you. It is not fair to give you spoilers.