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Raymans Incrediballs Dodge

Play NowRaymans Incrediballs Dodge

Rayman's Incrediballs Dodge is a fun multiplayer game in Battle Royal mode where you fight to be the last man standing on the field.

In this fun minigame from the Ubisoft Nano series, you must prove yourself with your Incrediball, a cute monster that has hatched in an ever-shrinking arena. The last survivor wins the match.

More About The Game

Incredible balls, each more funny than each other, are struggling to survive in a dangerous game arena. Only one will survive in this crazy game. Raymans Incrediballs Dodge game is played on a wildly fictionalized action-packed arena. It is a great .IO game full of excitement, fun and challenge.

Enter a crazy crazy arena where even the floor is as dangerous as any trap! Try to survive as long as you can in this fast-paced and extremely fun survival game. The ground in this battle royale game is so rotten and could begin to crumble at any moment, but that's nothing compared to other concerns.

You'll have to dodge other players as you deal with both sticky and electric balls falling from the ceiling. There are also loads of pests, some with very sharp thorns, to watch out for. But if you find a pair of boxing gloves or a protective force field, you will become a remarkable force in this action game. There are also additional characters you can unlock between competitions.

Use the arrow keys to move in all directions and collect five power-up items to gain a temporary advantage.

How to Play Raymans Incrediballs Dodge?

You will have a limited playing field divided into squares. Each Incrediballs fits on a square, but there are power-ups and traps placed on the squares. By jumping left, right, up and down, you must avoid traps and access power-ups before your opponents. Swipe to jump directions on mobile devices, use wasd or arrow from your computer.

That's not all! The game arena will continue to collapse starting from the edges. You have three lives to survive in the shrinking arena full of different traps and opponents. Don't worry, when your health is low, you can make up for it by taking the lives in the game arena. But this game is pretty crazy! You need to keep your eyes peeled in order not to run out of all your souls in a short time.

For example, with boxing gloves you will be able to outrun hazards or your opponents.

Be sure to also collect hearts to get more lives and fireflies and fairies to earn points.

Sometimes you even get a chance to clear a playground full of fairies all at once. Use them to unlock over 30 Incrediballs from three classes.

Of course, you must avoid stones, spiked vines and other obstacles. Also watch out for the holes in the ground and don't fall into them! Avoid flying bullets like fireball!

At times, the creeping fog will also make it difficult for you to see. This area is full of dangers, but there are also lots of chances!