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Princesses Dazzling Goddesses

Play NowPrincesses Dazzling Goddesses

    Decide on free Girls-Like Styles Online: Every young woman is an undiscovered stylist for several occasions. But there should be a motivation to reveal this talent.

    Princesses Dazzling Goddesses is the game that you can show your styling ability, girl. It’s showtime! In that game, you can decide on the clothes and makeup of three different beautiful girls. Be aware of the fact that they are goddesses from mythology. Show some respect and make your arrangements in accordance with that fact. They are goddesses, they can blame you. Even can create a curse on you. Let’s go, show your talents!

    Basics of Princesses Dazzling Goddesses:

    Even if all the dressing games have the same logic, we will be explaining Princesses Dazzling Goddesses one more time. It would be pretty beneficial for you.

    • Princesses Dazzling Goddesses is a dressing game that you can make decisions on the styles of three goddesses from mythology.
    • To decide the type of makeup, click on the objects on the bottom of the screen. For example, to select lipsticks, first, click on the lipstick on the desk.
    • To remove a change you made, click on the red button on the corner of the menu.
    • Once you completed a phase, a continue button with pink color and a white thick in it.
    • There are no juries or judges. The only determiner is your taste. It’s showtime, girl. Show them how great is your taste.

    Princesses Dazzling Goddesses Walkthrough

    My lord, how do you want your styles? To bid me a farewell. A Walkthrough:

    Games are more understandable with a walkthrough. Let’s make one of them for you.

    • When we open the game, we see a cozy and lovely pink background. There is a beautiful blonde girl with a cute dog on her hands.
    • The only button we see is a circular purple play button with a white triangle on it. We click on it.
    • When we click on it we see a different menu. In the background, there are three goddesses. One of them is a brunette one with ancient Egyptian clothes on her. The middle one is in the costume of a peacock. The third girl is in the clothes of ancient Rome. She has gorgeous golden wings. These girls are on the clouds.
    • We click on the play button to move forward.
    • There is a selection menu. The only available option is the Egyptian goddess. We click on her picture to play.
    • We put on some makeup on her. Simple makeup with only red lipsticks is an ideal makeup for her. Because she is already a beautiful lady. We click on the pink tick button to go forward.
    • After that, we decide on clothes. A simple hair is enough. Then we select a simple but quite fancy dress. Well done! Our girlie is ready.
    • You can prepare the other goddesses, too.