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Pinball Football

Play NowPinball Football

    Football is a passion. But generally, football games are lame. The games repeat themselves. Goal pass and shoot. The stronger teams beat the weaker ones. Where is the uncertainty? The true fun comes from here.

    Pinball Football is the game that you can experience that uncertainty. If you remember the classic game Pinball, you can easily adapt this game as well. Plus, there are your players in that game. You should beat the opponent with a comeback. Can you do that? Only the legendary people can achieve legendary comebacks. The only thing you need to do is to succeed in a comeback. Come on!

    Basics of Pinball Football:

    We said that the game is a modern clone of Pinball, but we should explain it again. It is possible to not know this game by everyone.

    • Pinball Football is a football game that is derived from the classic game pinball. You start the match with a losing score. You try to beat the opponent.
    • In each match, you have limited balls. If you end them without pass the score of the opponent, you will be failing the level.
    • You start the match with your goalkeeper. To shoot the ball in the direction of the arrow, left-click on the screen.
    • Everything except your players will be bouncing the ball, use this wisely.
    • If your players take the ball, they will start to turn around themselves. You should shoot when you find an opportunity.

    A Walkthrough on Pinball Football:

    We talked about Pinball Football earlier. Let’s show you how to play it. Join us.

    • As we open the game, we dive into the start menu. We click on the green play button that on the screen.
    • The match starts suddenly. We have 6 balls to use. We lose now, the score is 0-3. We should score at least 4 goals to win the match.
    • Our goalkeeper has the ball. We try to give a pass to the nearest player to the opponent's goalkeeper. But unfortunately, this is an out.
    • Nevermind, we will win. This time we score a goal by our goalkeeper like a king.
    • In this round, we try a weird shoot. We shoot the ball horizontally, it bounces and bounces. In the end, well a weird score that hard to explain.
    • We beat the opponent.


    What about the blue circles in the game?

    Blue circles will be exploding once you touch them with a shoot. For an online pinball game, this is normal.

    How should I play Pinball Football?

    This is an online football game, but you should play it like a chess game to move wisely.

    When I go back to the start menu all my progression gone away. Why?

    Unfortunately, we don’t hold visiting data from you. This means your level progression went permanently.