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Multiplication Simulator Operation Online

Play NowMultiplication Simulator Operation Online

    But not a problem under our watch. Let’s say you are learning multiplication in your school, right? Play the game that we will be mentioned throughout this page. The whole game is actually more educative than the homework assigned to you. Furthermore, this is totally not some homework. Homework is lame. Games are cool. You will be being good at math by playing a game, this should be a movement of a chad.

    Multiplication Simulator is a simulator that you can exercise multiplication problems. Remember, a goat simulator was about being a goat. This game works in the same logic. You will not be learning math; you will be in the position of math. People are afraid of math why? It is powerful and cooler. You will be cool, too.

    Basics of Multiplication Simulator

    • The multiplication simulator is literally a multiplication simulator. It aims to teach children who are learning the multiplication topic new. The method applied here is gamification.
    • Every step in the multiplication is visualized in the game by apples.
    • You can play by an order starting from 1 to 9 or you can find yourself in a challenge. Our recommendation is if you new to multiplication start from 1 and end up in the 9. After you earn confidence in yourself, play in the challenge.
    • In the question process, the apples’ colors are gray. When you answer correctly, the apple turns green, if you make a mistake, the apple becomes red.
    • You have 2 game minutes in the game. The time stops while the questions are appearing on the screen.

    Multiplication Simulator Walkthrough

    A walkthrough of multiplication simulator.

    • When we start the game, we see nine apples numbered as "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9". Probably these numbers are about the multiplication table. Each number includes an exercise of the relevant numbers. For example, if we click the apple with number 2, we will be facing questions like "2 x 8 = ?", "2 x ? = 4". There is a green challenge button below the apples. We click it as grownups.
    • First question is "? X 2 = 6". The game wants us to find the "?". Obviously, it is 3. Bingo! Our answer is totally correct. The apple on the screen turns green.
    • The next question is "? X 3 = 9". Well, can be the "?". If we were a "?" what could be us? The answer is 3. When we click the button, we earn a green apple again.
    • We wonder what we will get if we give definitely the wrong answer to a question. Here comes the next question just after we answer the previous one. The game asks "4 X ?= 1". We say 4. Boom! Our apple is red now. What a shame!
    • The game goes on like this.