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Mahjong 1

Play Now Mahjong 1

You should play the fun and intelligence-enhancing Mahjong 1 right now.

We have prepared a great game for you. Here is our new game: Mahjong. This game, which you will play thinking and having fun, has different beautiful parts.

We wanted to introduce you to Mahjong, where different challenges await you in each episode. Like everyone else, you are looking for games that will improve you and have fun. That's why you are in the right place. You will love the game we prepared for you. Come and let us introduce you to this excellent game closely.

Before starting the game, we wanted to share instructions about the game. Thus, when you start the game, everything will be complete. Let's take a look.

More About The Mahjong

  1. You can play the game with a mouse or touch screen.
  2. While playing the game, you have to match the Mahjong tiles with each of them. While making this match, the tiles need to be clicked or touched. So if you are playing on your computer, you should use a mouse. If you are using technological devices such as touch screen phones and tablets instead of computers, it will be enough to touch the tiles on the screen.

  3. You have to match tiles with the same icons.
  4. Some of the different patterned tiles you will come across bear the same symbol. You have to match tiles with the same icon to each other.

  5. You have to press the top right change button to change the map.
  6. If no tiles are remaining the same after matching the tiles with each other on your map, it is possible to change your map by pressing the button at the top right. New tiles to match will appear.

  7. If you cannot do the pairing, you can get help.
  8. If you can't get the matches right, you can press the question mark on the right middle button. This way, the tiles that will match you are displayed in color. We can say that it is the best way to get help.

  9. You must complete the section you are in to move on to new levels.
  10. You will come across many different chapters. If you complete starting from the section you are in, you will have the right to play new episodes. In this way, you will progress in order.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Mahjong

You can easily play your game thanks to the instructions we give you about the game.

Your days will be more beautiful with this fun and intelligence-enhancing game. Now you can glance at the frequently asked questions we have prepared for you.

Can I Stop The Game?

There is no stop button, but you can leave the game open as there is no time in the game. Thus, when you come back, you will continue where you left off.

How Do I Pass Chapters in the Game?

While playing the game, you can complete the chapters one by one. Thus, you will have the right to play new episodes.

Best comments

Sueabout 1318 ago
Hi! I've been enjoying your "Mahjong" Games for about 2 months now. I use the Duck-DuckGo browser for your Games. About a week or so ago I can no longer get your Games to appear when I press your "PLAY" button. The turning arrow wheel just turns in circles endlessly. Any ideas or suggestions as to what might be the problem? Many thanks!!! Sue