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Mad Shark

Play NowMad Shark

    Hey fellas, did you know that sharks are one of the strongest creatures in the ocean? Well, they are. And in this game we will present you, you will give directions to those strong sea creatures!

    We will proudly present you the Mad Shark: A great game that you will enjoy while playing. It will be so fun to see how far can you go with the Shark. We are so excited and we want to talk more about this game. Shall we?

    Mad Shark is a great game that you will be amazed at while playing. We wanted to clarify some facts that we thought might be helpful for you. After reading all of them, you will be looking forward to playing!

    How Can You Play Mad Shark & What should You Be Careful About While Playing?

    1. You can play Mad Shark simply
    2. If you are playing the Mad Shark on a computer, you can use the arrow keys or a controller. If you are playing the Mad Shark from a mobile device, all you should do is touching the control buttons that are placed on the game screen.

    3. There are many bombs
    4. There are many bombs at the depths of the ocean and they all are a threat to the shark! Be careful about them, they can cause sharks to lose one of their lives. After five chances, unfortunately, you will fail as well.

    5. Shark is very hungry
    6. Help the shark to eat its fill. Shark loves to eat fishes. The ocean is full of fishes, also your score will increase as you eat these fishes.

    7. Boots are there to hunt the shark
    8. Boots are very dangerous! If you hit them or shoot them with their bullets, the shark will lose one of its lives. Help the shark to hunt but do not let sharks be man’s hunt!

    9. Collect the balloons
    10. There are many gifts in the balloons. An extra change or ball might be very helpful for you. But do not rush! Sometimes there can be bombs in the ballons as well. Get rid of them!

    Frequently Asked Questions About The Mad Shark

    We thought it might be helpful for you to know more about the Mad Shark. If you have any questions, we believe you can find your answer below. Check them before play the game!

    How can I destroy the obstacles?

    The shark can also shoot the obstacles. But it has only fifty chance. So, be careful while using them. Do not waste any of it!

    What does happen if I lose all my five chances?

    Unfortunately, you should start the game again. We believe you can do better next time!

    How can I see my scores?

    Your last score and the high score will be saved. You can save them on the main page.