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Little Girls Kitchen Time

Play NowLittle Girls Kitchen Time

    Cook the Most Delicious Meal Ever with Your Best Friend: Of course, there is. Grab your best friend and dive into the kitchen. Can you imagine how much fun you will get? Your buddy will make mistakes. You are free to make fun of in your entire life. But be careful, not hurt her feelings.

    Anyway, two little girls need help in the kitchen. They want to cook delicious and yummy cookies, but a talented and smart person should help them out. We can hear that the person is you. Let’s go and cook delightful, sweet desserts with them. Also, it seems like they need advice on styling, too. Help ‘em, please!

    Basics of Little Girls Kitchen Time

    • Little Girls Kitchen Time is a cooking game that you will be able to cook delicious chocolate cookies with two little cute girls.
    • There are two girls named Elsa and Anna. Before cooking anything you can style them in accordance with your amazing taste.
    • To select a girl, click their photos.
    • When you select a girl, you style her with the icons on her left. The first icon is for hairstyle, the second one is for clothes, the button below it is for shoes. The button under the shoe changes accessories. The last two buttons are for giving her a toy and lovely ribbons.
    • After the styling section, you will be in the cooking session. To use an object, click on it and drag it to the area arrows appear.

    Little Girls Kitchen Time Walkthrough

    A walkthrough towards the girls’ kitchen. We will have fun.

    • We enter the game. There are two lovely girls in a kitchen with a lot of purples. They seem excited about the thing they will be cooking. We click the play button on the bottom right.
    • We see a dialog between the girls. They talk about the kitchen time that they will be having. After the conversation, we click the pink play button on the bottom.
    • In the next scene, we should select a girl. There are Anna and Elsa. We select Elsa by clicking on her photo.
    • We started to style her appearance. Her hair should be braided. A red dress is perfect with her blonde hair. We decide on her shoes to the red ones. We don’t want any accessories; the dress is already beautiful. We attach a cute ribbon to her hair. And that’s all. We click the tick below the girl.
    • There are two eggs and a bowl. We break them by clicking on and dragging them through the bowl. We use a blender to mix them well. A little milk is essential, we pour it. Yeast? Of course. We pour a little salt to make better the milk’s taste. After adding the chocolate, we cook the cookies for an hour.
    • When the cookies are cooked, we spread chocolate over them.
    • Yummy! They seem delicious.