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Lightning Cards

Play NowLightning Cards

Most people think that all the card games are boring. This is a valid statement around the millennial generations who grow up with computer games with legendary graphics. Maybe it’s about the approach towards games.

Anyway, Lightning Cards is so fun that, the generation mentioned above can get entertainment by playing it. Because the game mechanics is wisely designed. There are no boring routines like in the classic card games. There is a dynamic game feature. The game stuck? No problem you can flip the deck if this issue occurs. Relatively good graphics for a card game? You will get what you want, my friends. Here they are a bridge between millennials and card games, not related RPG fan base.

How to play Lightning Cards Game

  • Your goal in this game is to burn all the card stocks you have. Your opponent is a computer.
  • There are four discard zones. There are arrows under these zones. If the arrow is downward, you should be adding lower cards than the card existed there. If the arrow is upward, you will be inserting cards with higher numbers. The arrows’ direction is not stable. It changes in the game.
  • The cards are from 1 to 13.
  • If your deck is not matched with the discard zones, the game will be letting you flip the zones.
  • There is a card called a wild card. When you use it, you will be able to put which card you want to put. It is like a joker card. So, be wiser when you decide to use it.
  • All the cards have different point mechanisms but hard to define.

Lightning Cards Game Walkthrough

Let’s be Thor, The Master of the Lightning. A Walkthrough in a Rainy Day

  • We open the game. When we access the game, a dinosaur with a single eye welcomes us. Probably its name is KiZi. There is a play button below it. We click the button to play the game.
  • As the game is about lightning, the game menu is in a cloud. There is a bit weirdly drawn wave of lightning below the cloud. We can click on buttons there. One of them is the button to start, the other one is the button to examine instructions. But it is written so complicatedly. Don’t worry the game is not that complicated.
  • We click the start button. We are lucky that there are two wild cards in our deck. The computer puts a wild card there. We have cards from 2 to 4 we put them all there. After a while our deck sticks. We click the flip card button to flip over the discard zones.
  • The computer started fast but it slows down. We use all wild cards we have when an upward discard zone is achieved to 13. If you don’t put a wild card there, the discard zone will be blocked.
  • At the and of the game we get rid of all the cards we have. That is pretty fun.