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Hyper Color Rush

Play NowHyper Color Rush

    Hey there you all! Do you want to experience a super-duper game online? Even, it is all free. Hyper Color Rush is on the stage and waiting for you to play.

    All you have to do is shoot the blocks with the same color as the turning arrow. Be careful and don’t shoot the wrong color but we are sure that you will be the champion of this game. Beat the best of yourself on every level. Are you ready? Let’s take a trip to a colorful world!

    If you want to start the game right away, we are here for you to clear the way out. Let’s review them and start!

    Let’s Dive into Hyper Color Rush and Stay Alive

    • Click on the play button and start the game right away. As the game is started, you will be seeing an arrow turning in the middle of the page in a circle. Around the arrow, there are different shapes in different colors. All you have to focus on and be careful about are these colors.
    • The color of the arrow is the key point. As it is turning you must shoot the shape around the arrow which is in the same color as it. You can use your touchpad or your mouse to play the game. Just one click to your target is enough to shoot it.
    • You can only shoot the same color with the arrow, otherwise, you will be failed. As time passes, the shapes around the arrow will be increased more and more. So that, you should be quick because you will have a hard time if you have to deal with more of them. When you clean all of the shapes around you, the level will be passed.
    • You can see your current score from the top left corner of the page which will increase as you shoot the shapes around you. Also, your best score will be on the top right corner of the page which will encourage you to pass it when you are playing. When the game is over, you can start over by clicking on the turning arrow icon.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Hyper Color Rush

    Here are the faqs and the answers about the Hyper Color Rush, just in case you still have questions on your mind. Let’s take a look at them!

    Is there a colorblind mode in the game?

    No, unfortunately, there is not.

    Can I play the game in a silent mood?

    Yes, you can mute the game from the speaker icon on the left top corner of the page.

    Do I have limited lives to play?

    No, you don’t! You can play the game as many times as you want.