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Flappy FootChinko Online Game

Play NowFlappy FootChinko Online Game

    The New World is an interesting destination, right? The football atmosphere is quite interesting there, too. Imagine that their football game is based on bouncing the ball like a kangaroo. This is not a joke, my friends. Let’s explain why.

    Flappy FootChinko is a football game that you play by bouncing the ball. You shoot the ball in that way, true story. It is both a weird and fun game. You can play this game to blow off some steam. Consider, you get bored in the school or office. Open that game and imagine yourself as a kangaroo with football playing ability. By the way, your team is the New Zealand national football team here. Say hello to Gandalf and Baggins from us. Have fun!

    Basics of Flappy FootChinko:

    Flappy FootChinko is a weird Flappy Bird clone. But it is still interesting and fun. Let’s see how do we, or you, in this case, play this game.

    • Flappy FootChinko is a football game similar to the main logic of Flappy Bird.
    • To start the game, you should click on the screen.
    • When you start the game, the map starts to rise gradually. You should rise the ball to continue the game.
    • To raise the ball, you should keep clicking on the screen.
    • The yellow circles make you bounce once and explode.
    • The red circles make you bounce once and turns into yellow circles.
    • The glowing circles kill your ball. You shouldn’t touch them.
    • The players with a green background are from your team.
    • The players with a red background are from the opponent. A goalkeeper is an opponent player that causes to fails the level if you give the ball to him.
    • To pass the levels, you should reach the goal zone.

    We will be jumping through the victory. A Walkthrough:

    We said this is an interesting game, but it is more than that, of course. To see better how do you play Flappy FootChinko examine this walkthrough.

    • When we open the game, we see a cute and warm drawing of a football field. It seems like the football player with the 7 number used a weird shoot. The ball was bounced 5 times and it became a goal. Even the defense player seems so surprised.
    • The only button on the game is at the bottom of the screen. We click on it to start the game.
    • We see our coach. His name is Moe Josinho. He is a bit tough guy, gives us a briefing.
    • There is a red triangle button. We click on it to continue.
    • We make a little exercise before the match.
    • The first opponent is easy peasy lemon squeezy. We bounce the ball till the goal zone. It is a score if we don’t touch the glowing circles.
    • The game goes on.