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Color Bump 3D Online Game

Play NowColor Bump 3D Online Game

    Color Bump 3D is a fun game where you escape from different colors with challenging stages. Your goal in this game is to advance in the parts that are the color of your ball. When you encounter different colors, you should stay away from those colors. You can be sure that you will encounter difficulties in the different colored stages that you will encounter. If you want to experience the fun moments waiting for you at every stage, you should try this game. You will see that you can have fun for a long time in this game, which has more than 800 levels. You can start this super game by examining the detailed information in our article.

    More About Color Bump 3D

    Do you want to have detailed information before starting the game? Then we have prepared a super guide for you. By reviewing this instruction you will have all the information about the game.

    • You must use the mouse to make your movement in the game.

      In the game, you will have to drag your ball to the parts of its color. You must use the mouse to provide this drag. In this way, your ball will be able to move to different places thanks to the mouse.

    • In the game, you must advance in the parts that are in the color of your ball.

      Different colors will appear in the game. If you see a different color other than the color of your ball, you will need to stay away from these colors. You can reach the finish line by moving from places that have the same color as your ball.

    • You have to try to pass the levels in the game.

      You will always come across different levels. You can pass to other levels by passing each level. But the mistake you make in a level will restart you to the same level.

    • You can throw your ball forward with the "W" key in the game.

      If you have difficulty in passing the difficulty in the game, you need to pass through that area quickly. Therefore, if you press the "W" button while your ball is moving, your ball will go forward.


    Do you have questions about the game? Here is the time to examine the sample questions we have prepared for you. Come and check out the frequently asked questions.

    Is it Possible to Pause the Game?

    It is not possible to pause the game. You cannot leave the game because your ball is constantly moving.

    What Happens If You Touch Different Balls In The Game?

    If you touch different colored balls and barriers in the game, you will have to start the level again. Therefore, do not touch different colored balls and barriers.