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Clash Royale Free

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    Enemies will attack your base soon. What you have to do will be to manage and build the defensive weapon. Remember, if the enemy reaches you, you will lose. You must save your land and the world!

    In the game Resist The Warcraft, a new war has begun in the world of Warcraft between the human kingdom and the orc tribes. In Resist The Warcraft, you will command the defense of one of the cities on the border of these tribes. Enemy units will move towards your settlement along the way. You will need to use a special control panel to erect various defensive structures and magic towers on it. Your soldiers will be able to safely shoot from them and destroy the enemy soldiers.

    More About The Game

    There is a kind of war in the jungle of Resist The Warcraft. To save the land and the world, you must protect the forest of warcraft and quickly build a tower for it! When building the tower, you have to make sure you get to the blue area of ​​the base of the tower. Also, just click on it to start building.

    Warcraft has tremendous attack power. But the rewards are just as enormous. Even if the tower is destroyed, you have to keep building the tower. Because there's a lot of power-ups in the tower if you really can. To deal with this, you can use the lower right button to unleash the summoner's unique skills.

    How to Play Resist The Warcraft?

    Resist The Warcraft is a fun war game where we try to destroy the enemies who are about to attack our main tower in the middle of the war by building towers. A war takes place in the game. While this war is taking place, you are trying to defend by destroying the enemies who want to attack our main tower. You build towers to destroy these enemies. Each tower we build has different characteristics. You can also improve the towers we build. You destroy the enemies that come to your main tower in waves with towers and pass the levels. As you destroy the enemies, you also earn money. With the money you earn, you can improve towers and resist powerful enemies. Resist The Warcraft is a fun war game prepared with you in mind for those who love defense games. Play Resist The Warcraft Free and Enjoy!

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