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Brainy Cars

Play NowBrainy Cars

    Do you think you already had enough of platformer car games? Think again! Because Brainy Cars are the first free online game to blow your mind with its rich mechanics.

    Features of Brainy Cars

    Brainy Cars creates a lot of immersive fun from its rich array of mechanics, this game is very absorbing and you will need to develop strategies in an instant!

    • The main aim is to drive as long as you can! Sounds easy right? Try to survive when shurikens are flying at you and you are low on gas!
    • There is a vast variety of in-game cars. From a Mini to a Formula race car you can choose anything you want! You can even change the colors to personalize your monster!
    • Different cars have different strengths! You will need to adjust your playing style based on your car.
    • There are also many different maps with different gravity settings! You will have the time of your life when rallying through the surface of Mars in low gravity!

    Core Mechanics of Brainy Cars

    Let’s see the core mechanics of Brainy Cars together!

    • Fuel System: Your car runs on a limited fuel tank. Each car has different fuel capacities. You will go as far as your fuel carries you! Try not to run out of it!
    • Car features: Each car has gradually increasing features; Power, Speed, Fuel capacity, and Suspension; each of them being extremely crucial for how long can you last.
    • Game economy: You can buy new cars and maps with the coins you earned each round.

    How do I Brainy Cars Though?

    Even if it sounds easy it is not! Your car will move by itself. What you have to do is just draw a road for your car.

    Made a mistake? Do not worry, you can erase the blocked road you drew just with a click. However, be quick to draw another road you might fall down and die. Here comes the fun part. You will have to dodge sharp-edged things flying towards you while trying to collect the coins and fuel tanks! Remember, if you run out of it is GAME OVER!

    Can I play Brainy Cars for free on all my devices?

    Yes. Since Brainy Cars is a free-to-play online game you can play it on your phone/tablet/pc of any operating system. You will not even need to download it!

    Can I Play Brainy Cars In My Language?

    You probably can! Brainy cars can be played in four languages. Those are English, Dutch, French, and German.

    Do the Brainy Cars End?

    Here is the best part! Each map is infinite and has a changing difficulty based on how far you went!

    Can you die in Brainy Cars?

    Yes, you can die by running out of fuel, hitting an obstacle, or flipping your car but you can also keep playing after dying. The goal is to go as far as you can without dying!