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Baby Taylor Watermelon Planting Time

Play NowBaby Taylor Watermelon Planting Time

    Letting your children be in the dirt with soil is a great opportunity you can present them. As a great and beautiful mom, Baby Taylor’s mom lets her grow watermelons in their backyard.

    But our little cute Baby Taylor needs handy people to help her. Her tiny hands will be in difficulties when she tries to grow watermelons. Who knows maybe you can be a guest of her kitchen and prepare amazing smoothies together?

    Basics of Baby Taylor Watermelon Planting Time

    • This is a farming and a cooking game.
    • In this game, our cute Baby Taylor wants to grow a watermelon. She needs our help.
    • Helping Baby Taylor is pretty easy. You should follow the direction arrows on your screen.
    • The only thing you need to give your attention to is clicking the tasks through the order of the Taylor.
    • When Baby Taylor points an object out with his finger, there will be an arrow that appeared there.
    • You should be clicking the object pointed out if you grab an object you should click the next area the arrow appeared.

    Baby Taylor Watermelon Planting Time Walkthrough

    Let’s Grow Watermelons with Baby Taylor.

    • As we open the game, a cute pink theme welcomes us. We click the pink tiny play button to start the. The place we come is a bright play menu. We see our beloved character Baby Taylor in a watermelon field. The game’s fluffy logo is squashing around.
    • We click the blue play button at the bottom to start.
    • There is a dialog between Taylor’s mommy and her. She tells her mother that she wants to grow watermelons. The mommy approves her little baby’s wish. Mommy says, let’s find out by my cellphone. We click the blue button at the bottom to see what they do after that conversation.
    • There is an explanatory animation on the mother’s phone. According to the animation, we should dig holes, place seeds in it, and water them to grow a watermelon. We click the pink ok button to continue the game.
    • After that, the mother tells her sweetheart to collect seeds from a watermelon. As a well-behaved child, she goes to find a watermelon. We click the blue button with a tick sign on it to continue.
    • We collect seeds from a piece of watermelon while putting the seeds on a plate. After we collect all the seeds, we continue by clicking the blue button.
    • In the next scene, Baby Taylor brings us to her family’s warehouse in their garden. We take the gardening tools to grow watermelons.
    • We go to the garden and dig some holes. After we dig the holes, we place the seeds in them and close the holes with soil.
    • After a week we come back to water our seedlings. They need water to grow more. After a while, we see our big, amazing watermelons. We collect them all into our cart. Then we go to the kitchen to make awesome smoothies.
    • The game goes on. Have fun!