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Adventures Of Flig

Play NowAdventures Of Flig

    Adventures Of Flig is a great game that opens the doors of a fun journey and we designed it as an adventurous journey. If you like adventure games and are looking for a different game, this game we have produced for you is the right choice. Follow the steps we created to learn this game and then you are ready to play the game!

    How To Play Adventures Of Flig?

    Drive through the action-packed paths by avoiding obstacles and save Flig's lover. Combining 3 different types of games, this different and wonderful game brings together runner, maze, and air hockey, giving you completely different fun. Follow the steps we created and learn the game.

    Click on the game icon and wait for the game to load.

    Wait for the game to load to open the game screen. Then the game screen will open and start the game by clicking the red "Play" icon at the bottom of the screen. If you want, you can click on the blue symbol next to the "Play" icon to play for doubles.

    Start playing the game from the first level.

    After clicking the "Play" symbol, you will see a small map on the game screen. You can see the level ranking on this map. To play the levels that are connected, you must complete the level by starting the game with the first level.

    Help Flig to overcome the obstacles on the way and complete the level.

    For Flig to successfully exit the road full of obstacles, you need to determine which way to go. Help Flig complete the level by collecting the items on the way and avoiding the obstacles.

    Determine the direction of the Flig and continue to the next level by completing the game.

    Use your mouse to direct Flig so that he can find his way in the air hockey and runner section of the game and avoid obstacles. Drag the mouse by clicking the direction it should go on the mouse. In the maze part of the game, direct Flig using the keyboard keys and complete the level.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Adventures Of Flig

    We have examined and answered some of the questions and questions for this wonderful game, which is fun and immersive to play.

    How do 3 different games combine in Adventures Of Flig?

    One of the things that makes this game different and increases the level of fun is that it has 3 different concepts. It is possible to see 3 different game concepts as a runner, maze, and air hockey on different levels.

    What happens if I can't get rid of the obstacles in the level and hit them?

    The items you collect will be reduced by one each time you hit the obstacles. In this case, even if you have collected the items, you may lose the items you have collected by hitting the obstacles.

    Do we lose rights in the level when we hit the obstacles?

    You can come across obstacles countless times during a level. When you hit the obstacles, there is no such thing as losing your chance and starting the level again.