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Vex 5 Walkthrough

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Vex5 Walkthrough: Obstacles Can’t Stop Us! Let’s Sneak In

  • After watched the ads, we get into the game. The start menu is pretty impressive. The background of the game has polka dot squares with Saxon blue. The sense of depth is enormous. When we press any button in the game, we achieve the level menu. Our character moves, we can jump, etc. But this is just the level select screen.
  • When we lean by pressing “S” the game takes us to the level menu. We get over the red thorns by jumping above them. We should climb upwards but there is no ladder or something. We jump side by side. As we mentioned, this game pretty much reminds us of Ninja Warrior.
  • To jump side by side we first press “w” to jump and “d” to grab the wall on our right. After that, we jump again by “w” and press “a” to be able to get the left. Finally, we are up but still in the level select menu.
  • We go to the red zone called Act 1. This is the place to start the game. When we lean, the first level starts.
  • We shouldn’t touch anything red. We get over the mobile whipsaw at first. We watch our every step after we jump. Because hidden thorns are everywhere.
  • The game goes on. You should just follow the instructions on the screen to play.