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Let’s rule the entire field just by ourselves. A Walkthrough.

We explained the logic behind the game above. To clarify all the details, we should play together. Welcome to our walkthrough.

  • When we are able to open the game, we see a green background. There are a few snowflakes on the logo of the game. This place is like a football field.
  • The game tells us “Enter your pseudo”. We couldn’t get what a pseudo is but there is a text area under it. This is a nickname selecting area. We decide on our name as “Ricardo Quaresma”. After that, there is a white play button with a black triangle in it. We click on this button.
  • On the next screen, the game tells us to become ready. We click on the button again.
  • For a while, we wait for the players. After that, we are in the field. We concede a goal at the first moment. The player called “Yassir” makes a score.
  • After that goal, we start to play more carefully. We start to literally rule the entire round. The other players are not able to make a decrease in our score from 3.
  • First, we eliminate the player on the left of us. After that, the player on the right eliminates the player in front of us.
  • Finally, we beat the last player standing. Ding, ding, ding! We got a winner.